Green Drops India is cleantech / greentech venture setup in 2013 by women Entrepreneurs with mission as "Green Building transformation". Green Drops is specialized in vertical gardens which are plants installed on the walls. Benefits of vertical garden are reduction in energy consumption & pollution, creation of more oxygen, temperature regulation, beautiful, decorative green plant cover and very space efficient as its installed on the walls so no space wasted horizontally.

What is Green wall or Vertical garden?

Vertical gardens are increasingly seen as an integral part of the architecture; as pillars in shopping centres, as large living works of art on hotel walls, or as entire buildings creating a green lung in the urban space. For many reasons, Firstly, the vertical garden creates life and seems to make the building come alive. Secondly, the vertical garden creates space on the balcony for a kitchen garden, for instance. It can either grow on an entire wall or building or serve as a living work of art indoors, while improving the indoor climate at the same time.

A Vertical Garden is an indoor/outdoor modular planter with multiple levels of vertically spaced pots or planters. Its vertical design saves space and water. With a flow through irrigation system, water from the top plants passes to all the lower pots. Using the vertical space instead of horizontal space is an important feature for those short of planting area in condos, or apartments with small balconies.

Why Vertical Gardens, or Green Walls, or Living Walls?

  • Lowers temperature, reduces ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect. It is observed that vertical garden can reduce the temperature up to 5’C
  • Conserves energy by insulating buildings, reducing the need of air conditioning and thereby reduces electricity bills upto 20%.
  • Reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Water conservation through reuse.
  • Improves aesthetics of concrete structures.
  • Filters air particulates, improves air quality. Improvement of health and well-being.
  • Adds much-needed humidity to centrally-cooled offices.
  • Productivity improvements.
  • Reduces electrostatic pollution. Acts as sound buffers.
  • Can be installed indoors & outdoors. Modular system allows vertical & horizontal expansion. Minimal framework required and Structurally strong

Our Mission & Focus

Our mission statement "Green Building Transformation" says it all. We would like to make every commercial and residential building as Green Building through vertical gardens, green roofs and landscaping services.

Pune-based Green Drops India has done installations across commercial establishments, villas and apartments. The brand offers end to end vertical garden solutions, living walls for terrace gardens and balcony gardens. Besides, we provide landscaping services and offerings and cater to both residential and commercial demands.

Moreover, we are also working on creating green ecosystems like kitchen gardens, living room green wall system, green furniture and green arts

How we do it

Design theme : Designing a green wall is a customized solution for particular location and space which takes more than just assembling the multiple ingredients together. It is treated as a mural wherein plants are main component. Combination of plants with natural material like stone, terracotta, wood etc. provides uniqueness to each and every installation. The brand has its own nursery setup for plants. The products are designed in-house with some specialized elements outsourced.
Our prime is continuous innovation and creation of innovative designs. For Green Drops India, every urban space is a challenge in itself. Carving out area for Greenery within dwelling is a monumental task. We strive to put plants in each home with an optimized space rendering in it an essential touch of art. With this profound idea, we started its journey in 2013.

Maintenance : Maintenance is the other major aspect of any product. The products of Green Drops India also need periodic care like all plants. However, the task of maintenance consumes an average of 5 minutes a day. Green Drops India also assists the customers in maintaining the installations.

The Team

John Doe

Supriya Nikumbh

Josh Clark

Bhairavi Shevade



Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

Standard modular system to grow household vegetables. Edible green wall unit.

Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Customized Green Roofs

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Customized Vertical & Terrace Gardens

Green Furniture

Modular indoor or outdoor vertical garden system with inbuilt irrigation and drainage systems.

Green Wall Murals

Green Wall Murals with logos.


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